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Bearcat (n): 1) an arboreal civet with a long prehensile tail; 2) (informal) a hot-blooded or fiery girl; 3) a group of lady comedians from Boston

Daily Archives: February 15, 2012

The Chocolate that Beats them All

In 2008 I lost my virginity, became a vegan, graduated from college, and moved to Scotland. In that order. It was a big year. Although I’m no longer a vegan … Continue reading

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True Romance

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I haven’t cared too much about the “holiday” since high school, when you could get a carnation sent to your homeroom if someone liked you. White … Continue reading

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A Beartcat’s Identity Crisis

My whole life I’ve struggled with the concept of being lady like. Around the age of four, my grandmother (who is indeed a fellow Bearcat) decided she would start me … Continue reading

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