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The Chocolate that Beats them All

In 2008 I lost my virginity, became a vegan, graduated from college, and moved to Scotland. In that order. It was a big year. Although I’m no longer a vegan and not longer living in Scotland, the one obsession developed during that period was for raw chocolate. Fresh, makes-you-euphoric, hippy dippy raw chocolate.

There was a cafe in Edinburgh called Red Sugar (already closed for a few years) that I would walk 45 minutes to visit. They had raw hot chocolate, raw chocolate ganache cakes, and raw chocolate bars so fresh they have to be refrigerated. I would sit for hours, pretend to read, and take in this world of agave and coconut oil soaked goodness. I devoured my first raw chocolate bar in one sitting (or walking… back to my apartment).

What makes raw cocoa unique? Because it’s not roasted, there is no reason to add tons of sugar and dairy to smooth it out again. And the process of making raw chocolate bars retains all those fun chemicals that make you feel… amazing. I’m talking euphoric, buzzed, horny and even a bit stoned (if you eat enough).This is what the Myans and the European aristocracy became obsessed with.

Cut to 2012 and I have tried just about every raw chocolate bar in the US that could be shipped to Boston. Nothing ever lived up to what I ate in Edinburgh, and it’s because the chocolate bars, however yummy, were never fresh. That is, until this afternoon. I first noticed the Not Your Sugar Mama‘s fresh raw chocolate bars for sale in the fridge case at Dado Tea in Harvard Square late last week. Instead of splurging right away, I waited until I could share it with my hunky boyfriend, Matt D., as a Valentines Day treat.

And it was AMAZING. Smooth, creamy, and buzz-inducing. Everything I have been hoping to find. Everything I have been talking up. This March, I’m visiting  Scotland for the first time since I moved back to Boston, and although I’m super excited experience everything again, I’m thrilled that at least one element of my time abroad can be found just a 5 minute walk from my office.

So, do yourself a favor. Experience raw chocolate the right way and splurge on a NYSM bar. I must warn, they cost $10 each, so it’s not an every day treat. But it’s worth it. Totally worth it…

– Natalie


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