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Bearcat (n): 1) an arboreal civet with a long prehensile tail; 2) (informal) a hot-blooded or fiery girl; 3) a group of lady comedians from Boston

Which Bearcat Tweeted That?!

One of my favorite games is “Which Bearcat Tweeted That?!” Play along with me, won’t you?

It's like there's more than one Bearcat tweeting

We all have access to @Bear_Cats so it could be any one of us at any time. Here are my favorites so far and my own personal guesses:

When a Bearcat sweats during hot yoga class, it smells like giggles.#bearcatfacts

This one is tough, Maile and Natalie are known yoga practitioners AND they like to sit in cafes across the street from one another tweeting simultaneously. Circle gets the square! That means Maile.

This caller on Car Talk right now is so goddamn charming I want to call NPR & demand they give me his number. #lineupboys

Okay, so we know that Cuddy “Pop in America” Cudderstein invented the #lineupboysshessingle hashtag, but would she use it so obviously in a Bearcats tweet? This one seems a little more Shannon “I Tweet Infrequently, But Always Hashtag” Connelly to me.

Something about this guy’s face is making me want to claw it off with my bearcat claws and then claw out his heart with my emotion claws.

Jackie “Emoticlaws” Arko. We know it, right? Or do we? Because this could quite possibly be a sleeper tweet and Sasha might just be the right person to have crafted it. Then again, the super non-obvious sleeper tweeter for this one might just be…Erin!

Oh, no, this isn’t gum we’re chewing, it’s all of the systematic patriarchical elements of Western culture. #Comedy

My gut says that what we have here is a classic Rachel. She’s a teacher — a teacher of everyone and we love it! Plus she likes those super direct hashtags.

When a guy looks at a Bearcat on the train in the morning, she’ll flirt by making a disgusted face back.

Oooh!  So many choices. Jackie, Hannah, Cuddy, Natalie, or Shannon! And that’s all I need. And this lamp. But that’s all I need

A Bearcat always has an extra cute shirt in her bag to lend to a fellow Bearcat. #bearcatiquette

There is always a Bearcat losing her shirt! Especially right before a show. So we all pull a Michelle Pfieffer from One Fine Day and grab a spare one out of our bags. The last Bearcat who needed a shirt was Hannah!

When she needs to be in at work early, a Bearcat sometimes forgets if she forgot to wear deodorant.

I know for a FACT that each and every one of the Bearcats has been in this situation at least once, so I’m attributing it to all of us — collective consciousness gets it!

Whoops, this is Jackie. I forgot what account I was tweeting from.

And for as long as Bearcats tweet, Jackie will forever be accidentally tweeting from the wrong account.



One comment on “Which Bearcat Tweeted That?!

  1. Ryan
    February 23, 2012

    You’re right on the money Lori. I’ve been without a face for days.

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